Trusts and Estates

Ventura Coast Law’s estate planning and trusts team has in-depth experience understanding our clients’ desires to protect and preserve wealth for future generations, and assisting in the administrative process transferring that wealth at death. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and endeavor to provide friendly, professional and timely attention.  It is our mission to be there for our clients and their families throughout the entire estate planning lifecycle.

Our team is well-versed in matters regarding administration after death, whether or not the decedent had a plan in place or died “intestate” (without a will or plan). Even with the best planning, administrative issues can arise, and we help beneficiaries and fiduciaries work through uncertainty.

Everyone should have an estate plan, and we work with clients (and, sometimes, their other professional advisors) to establish custom plans designed to meet their specific needs. We endeavor to understand our clients’ particular assets and goals, plan for contingencies (including incapacity) and provide guidance and counsel regarding making tax-efficient transfers of wealth both during life and after death. We plan for estates of all sizes, from estates below the probate threshold in California to estates that may or will be subject to federal estate tax (and provide guidance for reducing or eliminating such tax).

We understand that administering a trust or estate after the passing of a loved one can be a daunting task.  Our team guides families and fiduciaries through this emotional and sometimes-confusing process.  Our goal is to be compassionate and thorough, while still offering down-to-earth, accessible and practical advice.

Finally, our experience has shown us that estate planning matters sometimes end up in court.  We are well-versed in preparing and filing various probate and trust administration petitions.  Our team is also prepared to zealously represents heirs, beneficiaries and fiduciaries in all manner of litigation throughout California.

VCL understands that every family is different, which makes every estate situation unique. We look forward to working with you and, where appropriate, your other professional advisers to create an estate planning strategy that helps you achieve your particular goals.